Toe Nail Fungus Treatment with Bleach

Trying to get rid of toe nail fungus is often a confusing task.  There are many, many treatments offered for nail fungus, from medical intervention to natural home remedies.  It's certainly worth it to speak with your doctor and to go with an approach that feels the most comfortable for you.  One home remedy that has mixed reviews is bleach. 

Using Bleach for Nail Fungus

Bleach? Yes, some people swear by bleach and claim that it's the best toe nail fungus remedy they've tried.  Here's how it works.  First, it's recommended that you trim down your nails as much as possible and file them from above to make the nails thinner.  You then need to soak your feet once or twice a day in a cap full of bleach mixed with water.  Some people recommend one tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of water, so that you create a diluted mix. This way, you won't be prone to as much irritation.  This regime only seems to work if you are diligent.  You need to continue the process a few times a day for several weeks to a few months to see results.  Each soak should be 15 to 30 minutes long.  The idea is that the chlorinated water attacks the fungus and kills it.  After soaking, it is very important to thoroughly wash your feet with soap and water so that you don't leave the bleach on your skin and cause an irritation.  This step will help to limit the side effects of the bleach.  Some people recommend applying bleach directly to the infected toe with a small brush.  This is not always recommended, however, as bleach is such a concentrated and potentially dangerous substance. 

Advantages of This Method

This method is certainly less costly than many other toe nail fungus treatments.  It includes using something that is easy to find, or that you already own in your home.  In addition, it allows you, or forces you, to relax each day as you soak your feet for approximately 30 minutes.  This is a great time to read the newspaper, have a cup of coffee or watch your favorite show. 

Disadvantages of This Method

Obviously, if you are an antsy or very busy person, you may find it difficult to commit to the time that it takes for this method.  You need to be ready to put aside at least half an hour a day, and preferably to put aside 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night.  In addition, this method takes a long time to show results.  People who swear by using bleach as a fungal treatment still say that it takes weeks, if not months, to see lasting results.   Many people are not willing to wait this long for results.  In addition, bleach can certainly be a dangerous item, as it says on the packaging.  You need to use extreme care when handling bleach and make sure not to get it on fabrics and not to inhale it. 

Side Effects of Using Bleach

As with any treatment, there are certain side effects that are possible while using bleach.  Your toenails may turn white and you may find that the bleach irritates the skin of your feet and legs.  It is dangerous to inhale bleach, as it can burn your lungs and make you uncomfortable. It's possible for individuals to have other side effects as well, if extreme care is not taken while handling the bleach.

This is one interesting home remedy for toe nail fungus. It requires a lot of patience, but is certainly less expensive and less physically invasive than are many other methods.