Complete Your Treatment

Prevention is always better than the cure. However, if you do get toenail fungus make sure you complete the treatment and take steps to prevent re-infection. Like with many infections it can come back, stronger than ever even if it appears that you are cured, if you don't finish the course of treatment.

Stick It Out

As whenever you take any course of medication prescribed by your doctor, you need to follow the exact dosage regime carefully for the full course of the treatment. If you miss a treatment or two, it can backfire by allowing the fungus to regroup and you may have to start the process all over again. Towards the end of the course, the fungus should clear up, but don't stop taking the medication! This is one of the most critical phases in dealing with toenail fungus. It is essential to continue the course to completion, in order to completely destroy the infection.

Further Prevention

Once the fungus has been destroyed and your toenails are back to normal, you will need to continue treating them for at least a couple of weeks afterwards. This prevents any hidden spores re-infecting your feet. Also make sure to wash all your linens and towels on the hottest wash available in case there are fungus spores hiding, waiting for their opportunity to strike again.
For the first couple of weeks after treatment it's important to be extra careful. There are several good ways to do this. Hygiene is especially important. Carefully washing your feet and drying them properly every day is a start. Continue to avoid all swimming pools, spas, pedicures etc for a few weeks until you are absolutely sure you are cured. After all, you don't want to pick up another infection, or give one to someone else. You also need to take care with your shoes and socks making sure to change them frequently. If you live in a warm area, wearing Crocs or sandals without socks are a good idea. Otherwise, make sure your shoes fit you properly and are not too tight, to prevent the build up of damp sweaty conditions that are the ideal environment for this nasty fungus to thrive. Similarly, it is worth making sure that you wear comfortable breathable cotton or wool socks, and change and wash them every day for maximum hygiene. Although they are more expensive, it is worth buying special athletic socks or even medical copper or silver socks to keep that toenail fungus at bay.

Follow up Treatment

It is also vital that you continue to supplement your hygiene regime in the aftermath of a fungal infection. There are a huge variety of creams and powders available, from simple talcum powder, to more sophisticated all-in-one fugal treatments. For example, the company Scholl has a new treatment which includes a ‘protection phase', after the fungus has been destroyed. If you don't want an all-in-one, you can buy individual specialist post-fungal treatments for around $20, and these are highly recommended to prevent re-infection.

Ask your doctor or podiatrist about the possibility of joining a treatment trial in your area if you have tried everything else for a persistent fungus problem.