Prevent Ingrown Toenails to Prevent Nail Fungus

Nail fungal infections can be caused by many different factors.  People who walk barefoot in wet places or those who work in water a great deal are more likely to have these problems.  One factor that contributes to nail fungus that many people don't know about is ingrown toenails.  It's important to understand what ingrown toenails are and how to treat them, so that they won't lead to toe nail fungus problems.

What is an Ingrown Toenail?

An ingrown toenail occurs when either a corner or side of a nail grows into the skin.  It is often very painful when this happens, and the area can easily become infected, creating toe nail fungus problems.  This problem is most common with the big toes.  Ingrown toenails become swollen and this inflammation can spread and infect other toes or other areas of the foot. 

There are many causes of ingrown toenails.  Some people have nails that tend to curve more than others, creating a natural situation where the nails curve towards the skin.  Others can get ingrown toenails by wearing tight shoes too often, by cutting toenails too short and by not cutting nails evenly and leaving the edges higher than the middle. 

Treatment and Prevention

It's very important to prevent ingrown toenails and to treat them when they do occur, so that they don't become infected and lead to toe nail fungus problems.  Ingrown toenails should be soaked in warm water at least four times each day for twenty to thirty minutes each time.  Watch the toe nail to ensure that it does not continue to grow into the skin and trim the nail as necessary to keep it from moving into the skin.  If the nail is painful or infected, you will need to see a doctor.  The doctor can do minor surgery to remove the nail or to prevent the nail from growing even further into the skin.  Ask the doctor to give you tips, as well, about the best ways to properly cut your nails.  The doctor can give you advice and help you to prevent further problems, including toe nail fungus.

Be proactive in nail prevention and toe nail fungus prevention so that you won't have to deal with toe nail fungus problems later!