Creative Treatments for Nail Fungus

Not everyone wants to use medical remedies to deal with toe nail fungus.  There are a great many home remedies for nail fungus offered today. Some people swear by certain ones, while others say that they don't work.  The important thing is to be educated about all of these methods and to decide for yourself what you think will work for your situation and your lifestyle.

Cayenne Pepper

Some people recommend taking cayenne pepper, mixing it with water and spreading it like a thick paste on the infected area. Put on socks with the paste on and keep the paste there while you go about your daily activities.  People say the nail will clear up within 4-7 weeks.

Cinnamon Oil

This is an item that you can find in any aromatherapy store.  You apply the cinnamon oil to the infected cuticle morning and night and the nail should grow out perfectly as it grows.

Garlic Oil and Coconut Oil

Some people swear by these remedies. They use them both externally and internally.  This means that they'll take coconut oil or garlic oil and rub them on the infected area each day. They also cook with these oils, rather than olive oil or canola oil, thereby ingesting some of the oil.  They have found that it kills the fungus.

Honey and Garlic

This is an interesting remedy for nail fungus that some people have tried and found to be successful.  Rub honey onto the infected area and bandage it.  The next time that you take off the bandage, rub garlic on the infected area and bandage it.  Continue to alternate between the two each time that you bandage the area. Do not mix the two together, but alternate each time.  Continue using until the infection is gone.

Lavender Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

Take 1 litter of water, add five drops of lavender and half a cup of apple cider vinegar.  Then, soak your feet in this mixture for about 45 minutes for each foot that is infected.  After a number of weeks, you should start to see a difference.  It makes the feet softer, cures itchiness and should help to decrease toe nail fungus as well.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass essential oils create an almost immediate change in the look of the toe nail fungus.  This oil can be purchased in health food stores.  You apply it directly to the infected area and will see the area turn black or brown almost overnight.  The new nail that grows out should grow healthy and normal.  You can score the top of the nail with an emery board and then apply the oil directly towards the base of the nail.

Keep in mind that these are all home remedies, and not scientifically tested medical treatments for toe nail fungus.  However, they do offer inexpensive and non-invasive ways to try to treat your problem and to rid yourself of toe nail fungus once and for all.  Good luck deciding on the treatment that is right for you!