Zetaclear - One Natural Nail Fungus Remedy

There are many solutions on the market today for nail fungus problems.  While some people prefer to use over-the-counter medicines, others look for prescriptions from their doctor.  Some people like to try more natural remedies to deal with these problems.  There are many natural remedies available - both products on the market today and things that can be made at home.  One of the natural products on the market today for toe nail fungus is called Zetaclear. 

 How Does Zetaclear Work?

Zetaclear comes in a small bottle with a dropper and is made from all-natural oils derived from plants.  They recommend applying one or two drops to the infected nail area twice a day.  This can be applied either to the surface of a discolored nail or under the tip of a thickened nail.  You should allow the gel to set in place for a few minutes before putting a sock or shoe on your foot or before using your hands.  It's best to apply after bathing, showing or swimming.  In addition, while using Zetaclear, you should use an emery board once a week to enhance the way that the gel molds to the nail.  They say that you should see an improvement in the nail within 3 to 4 weeks.

You can't place Zetaclear over nail polish, as it won't penetrate through the polish.  You can, however, apply Zetaclear before putting on polish.  The only problem with this is that you need to apply the Zetaclear twice a day, so you would need to remove your polish quite often.  Once your nails look clear, you should continue using Zetaclear three times a week after taking a bath or shower.

The brush applicator makes it easy to apply this product to the infected area.  If you're using it for athlete's foot, then make sure to apply to the spaces in between the toes as well.  The Zetaclear company also recommends that you wear well-fitting shoes that are ventilated and that you change your shoes and socks at least once a day.  If the problem persists much longer than what they say, then you should consult with a doctor.

 Zetaclear Ingredients

It's important to know about each of the natural ingredients in the products that you use on your body and how they can help you.  Zetaclear is made of completely natural products that have all been found to help with toe nail fungus.  Zetaclear has Tea Tree Oil in it which has been found to help promote healthy nails.  It has Almond Oil which moisturizes dry skin and relieves itching from dryness.  Also, it has Jojoba Oil in it which helps to prevent moisture from being lost in the skin.  Vitamin E Oil is present as an antioxidant and Lemongrass Oil serves as soothing aromatherapy.  Undecylenic Acid has also been added to help create healthy skin.  Finally, Clove Oil works as a natural analgesic that can soothe irritated skin.

These ingredients, together, make up the Zetaclear drops that are used to promote healthy nails.  Find out more about Zetaclear and other natural toe nail fungus remedies so that you can have beautiful hands and feet soon!